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Frequently Asked Questions-  Amigos Remodeling


General Questions

Is Amigos Remodeling licensed and insured? YES
Amigos Remodeling is licensed, bonded and insured. Our insurance includes general liability and workers comp. If anything was ever to happen in your property, you are covered.

Do timeline completion estimates for my remodeling project, guaranteed? NO
Although we strive to meet deadlines. Sometimes, inspections or other issues arise causing delays. We will always keep you informed, that is our promise.

Does your insurance cover any faulty work or mistakes?
Our insurance covers any non-intentional mistakes and faulty materials.

Does Amigos Remodeling have hiring protocols for subs or employees? Yes
Amigos Remodeling has background checks on all of its employees and subs. No alcohol or drugs. period. All of our employees are trained to be professional and respectful.

Does Amigos Remodeling pull out all necessary permits?
Amigos Remodeling will pull out all necessary permits to complete job. All cost and fees are included in bid.

What type of contractor's license does Amigos Remodeling have?
Amigos Remodeling currently has a renovation license for projects  inside city limits that require structural permits; Tile, flooring, cabinetry or non-structural labor does not apply. For any large construction projects, our big brother company takes over. Currently Amigos Remodeling LLC is in the process of receiving its BC-R License to be able to provide remodeling services for large residential and commercial projects.

Does Amigos Remodeling take shortcuts? NO
Amigos Remodeling will not take shortcuts, even at customers request. We will complete every job by the book.

Does Amigos Remodeling offer a written guarantee for labor performed? Yes,  Amigos Remodeling guarantee all labor performed, where the recommendations made by staff are followed. Acts of God and Nature and customer dissatisfaction is not included. 

If I don’t like the labor can you fix it? Yes/No                                                               Amigos Remodeling believes in good quality workmanship, mistakes made knowingly and poor workmanship will be fixed and corrected. Sometimes client does not like the end result. Amigos Remodeling is not responsible in anyway. We give our clients the flexibility to adjust materials and concepts by not formatting a contract. We believe that a client should have full control of its contractor to change and to modify accordingly. For peace of mind if client wishes contracts can be signed.* Note that signing a contract will enforce all written in it and any changes shall generate additional expenses.


Payments and Monitary Issues

Does Amigos Remodeling require money upfront? Yes 
Amigos Remodeling being a small company does not have the working capital of a large company, so it requires an initial deposit and percentage draws accordinly to contract. We will never ask for more than 35% initial deposit. and our guarrantee is: we wont leave your site until you are completely satisfied and project is complete. 

If i dont like the final result of work, do i pay ? Every situation is diferent.
1. Poor workmanship 
If labor is done poorly and results don't add up to our Amigo quality, we will work closely to fix the problem to the point where your completely satisfied. Still payment will be due as soon as work is finished.

2. Cheap or Clearance Materials chosed by Customer
Amigos Remodeling will always follow codes and regulations as close as possible to insure work is finished professionally and propperly. Using cheap materials can alter and change final look results, Amigos Remodeling is not reponsible for customer's choice on materials and payment will be required. If customer is dissatisfied Amigos Remodeling will work with customer as much as it is possible to fix problem.

3. If im a veteran or elder, do i receive a discount?
Yes, all of our veterans are eligible for discounts. We believe in giving back to our soldiers.

4.Additional Discounts
If not in a hurry to complete your remodeling project, Amigos Remodeling can work with you on payments and project costs and thus saving you a substantial amount.

5. What happens if i dont pay?
Amigos Remodeling can sue the customer at its discretion, if arrangements are not made. Amigos Remodeling can also place a lean on the house for up to 3 times the amount due. 


Materials and Other Questions

Does Amigos Remodeling buy the Materials? No, In Most Cases
No, in most cases customer buys all materials. We only include in our price when asked to provide, basic install materials such as nails,spacers, mortar types, waterproofing materials,screws. No Lumber,Metal, Sheetrock or Mayor material.

A. Can You provide all Materials?
- Yes, but once materials are purchased, client will be charged for any changes or upgrades. A detailed contract will be drawn up and price will increase. We will always suggest that you buy quality materials and use the best materials for your new construction or remodeling project.

A Little About Us

Amigos Remodeling offers the best value for your any remodeling service. Whether you’re looking to start a large remodeling project or just a simple handyman service in Johnson City,Tn, we invite you to contact us and get a free estimate for your project. We value our customers, and work hard to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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