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Add sophistication, dimension, and texture to any room with the endless possibilities presented by ceramic tile. From traditional to modern, imported to domestic, the durable, low maintenance beauty of ceramic tile adds quality and value to floors, walls, and countertops in practically any room of your home or office.

Tile Installation Steps

First Step is to choose the type of material and size of tile  you desire. (Indoor or Outdoor) 

Colors and Sizes vary 















Stones & Pebbles

What type of tile should i choose?

Amigos Remodeling recomends porcelain & ceramic tiles!

-Easy care
-Scratch resistant
-Environmentally friendly
-Fire resistant
-Extensive range of colors
-And more!

Pros of Porcelain Tiles
-  Has a lower water obsortion rate.
- Has fewer impurities than ceramic.
- Porcelain tile is harder and more durable than ceramic tile.
- May be used outside, considering climate.
- Most recommended when using in high moisture applications, such as showers,bathtubs, and pools.
Cons of Porcelain Tiles
- Requires an exeperienced tile-setter to cut properly. 
- Porcelain is a bit more expensive than regular ceramic tile.

Amigos Remodeling can install tiles in the following places:
-Any Interior Wall
- Any surface that has been prepped for tile installation.

The short answer is yes, Amigos Remodeling has the capabilities of installing any type of tile materials. Please note that using anything other than porcelain or ceramic tiles, will increment installation time , and will have an impact on pricing.


Ceramic tile is one of the most commonly used flooring materials.

Ceramic Tile

The main reason for its popularity is its water and stain resistance. Use “glazed” ceramic tiles for even more humidity resistance.

Ceramic tiles are also extremely durable. In the kitchen, where accidents are common, a dropped pot, plate, or another object likely won’t cause any damage to your ceramic flooring.

And if, for some unforeseen reason, your ceramic tile flooring is damaged, replacing the damaged tiles (instead of the entire floor) is a relatively painless procedure.

In addition to its functionality, ceramic tile is also notable for its good looks. Multiple design options are available so you can create a unique kitchen floor.

The only downside to ceramic tile is its hardness and weight. It’s not a very comfortable flooring material to stand on for long periods of time. It’s also so heavy that it’s not always a smart option for upper-story kitchens.

Ceramic tile is a mid-range flooring material as far as price goes.

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2. Porcelain Tile Bath And Kitchen Flooring

Porcelain tile is very similar to ceramic tile, yet takes durability and water resistance up another few notches.

Simply put, porcelain tile flooring is one of the most durable kitchen floor materials. It’s so strong that it can even be used in commercial kitchens and other high-stress environments.

Not only can porcelain tile stand up to heavy impacts, but it’s also even more water resistant than ceramic. The Porcelain Tile Certification Agency requires porcelain tiles to have less than a 0.5% water absorption rate.

Porcelain tile flooring is also low maintenance. Cleaning it usually only requires sweeping and perhaps mopping with a damp rag.

Take good care of your porcelain tile floor, and you can easily expect it to last for several decades.

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Marble Tile 

Highlights of marble tile flooring  include the wide variety of colors it’s available in as well as its highly-polished appearance that allows individual colors to shine even more brightly and dramatically.

Unfortunately, for such a highly-valued flooring material, marble tile has its fair share of drawbacks, especially when used in the kitchen.

While it is waterproof, it gets very slippery when wet. Some types of polished marble are even slippery when completely dry.

Marble tile is also highly susceptible to scratching and staining. Periodic resealing is required to ensure a minimal amount of wear and tear occurs.

Finally, marble is one of the most expensive flooring materials.

In addition to the cost of the raw material, installing marble is expensive, especially if you want a mosaic or other complex design.

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