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No middle man, same remodelers from start to finish. Reliable, knowledgeable and always appreciative of every client. If needed, will help with choosing the design and right tile material to execute any remodel project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked Questions, if you have a question that you dont see here please dont hesitate to call us. We are here for you!

Yes Amigos has a 4 Year limited guarantee. For indepth information ask one of our reps, they would be glad to explain!

Yes Amigos Remodeling beleives that everything should be by the book. We are licensed,insured and bonded. Our license is limited to tennessee and although we do have a price limit on the size of job; most jobs dont reach that high, so dont worry we will work with you. Best of all there is always legal ways of splitting large accounts.

In every project, price and quality are important. Cheap labor will never be good labor and good labor will never be to cheap. In our case we try to beat all written estimates of licensed and insured tile contractors. Our goal is to give you the best price possible and to give you access to our network of stores so that you can save big on all you tile materials!

Amigos Remodeling does not own a Tile  store, but we have partnered with a few stores in Johnson city and surrounding areas in order to provide you with awesome discounts on your next tile job. Best of all, local stores can manage and provide better quality tile options and can work with you on the price. None the less we are also able to give you, our contractor discount in any of the mayor retail stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.

Client must buy the following:
- Tile Material for Installation (Ceramic,Porcelain,Traventine,etc)
- Tile Thin-set Mortar Mix or similar
- Grout
-  Trash Dissposal Container ( Unless included in contract )

Amigos Remodeling will bring everything needed to install such as:
- Tools for old flooring removal if (demolition services are needed)
- Industrial strength chemicals or glue remover
-  Tile cutter, Wet Saw Tile Cutter, Tile Installation tools,Ect.
- Anything needed to expedite your project.

Does Amigos Remodeling work on an hourly basis?
Short answer: Although we do use an hourly calculator, we dont charge on an hourly basis, all of our prices are project cost based. That way your price is firm and no unexpected or overtime costs are added. If there is a change we will notify you, and arrangements will be made.

For our large commercial clients and general contractors we do offer hourly prices.
Does Amigos Remodeling provide other services?
We do not provide any other services unless listed on this website! Plumbing for bathrooms and kitchens is outsourced to a licensed plumber.  If you need other work done, Amigos Remodeling will provide you with a list of contractors that are reputable and do excelent quality work. We understand business in its core values, and are not looking to defraud or lie to our clients. 

What happens if my project takes longer than expected?
We strive to stay on time with every project, but sometimes things happen that delay or restructure the installation time frame. But No worries, we will always keep you informed. Our goal is to be as fast as possible, but we will not compromise installation quality.

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